Art Shanty Project

Aerial view of the art shanties on Medicine Lake, put on by the folks at the Art Shanty Project.

The Art Shanty Project is an artist-driven, temporary community exploring the ways in which relatively unregulated public spaces can be used as new and challenging artistic environments to expand notions of what art can be.

The project provides a unique opportunity for artists to interact with their audience, and vice versa, in an un-intimidating, non-gallery like environment. Artists can choose to work in a way that directly engages the audience i.e. knitting or singing Karaoke or in a more passive way.

The focus of this project is on both process and quality of artistic product:

  • Artists creating projects that push them and engage the audience.
  • The project management providing a flexible structure to work, allowing for the development and realization of an artist’s idea.
  • The project must self-govern to respect the environment of the lake and the community of fisher-people and neighbors that already exists, we are bringing a new use to a place that already has an established relationship with its patrons.
  • Audience engagement is essential to the success of the experience, for both artist and audience.

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