What is this Bicicle Shanty Competition?

The Bicicle Shanty Competition is a fun event meant to showcase some good old Wisconsin culture in conjunction with the USA Cycling Cyclo-Cross National Championships. Our vision is to have a bunch of shanties scattered throughout the race course providing artful fun as well as cozy places for people to hangout in.

What are the categories of the competition?

An excellent question! Shanties will be judged in the following categories: Best Overall, Most Bicycle-Themed and Most Wisconsin.

Can I enter the ice fishing shanty I’ve got in my backyard?

You sure can! I recon a classic ice fishing shanty will make for some good competition in the Best Overall and Most Wisconsin categories!

What constitutes an bicicle shanty?

The sky’s the limit really! We love the creativity used in the Art Shanty Project up in Minnesota, so get creative! Also, check out this bicycle-powered shanty: Bicycle-Powered Shanty!

How big can my shanty be?

As long as you’re able to get the shanty to Badger Prairie Park and we’re able to move it once on the course, then you’re set. If you’ve got real concerns that perhaps you’re creating a monster, please email us and we’ll talk it over.

And with that, please email bicicleshanty (a) gmail (dot) com with any other questions you may have! See you in January!


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